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This election year is going to be different from any other year. Information is the key, what you know may help others. The more informed we share the better the Utah elections will be.

Facebook has so many problems. The ever-changing standards, shadow banning, “fact check” which is often just someone’s opinion, someone with no sense of humor, and group rules that seem to be set up an a way to control speach. But the main problem is something that all social media platforms have. It is like standing on a corner and shouting your comment, everyone in that place at that moment will hear it……and then it is gone. Ok, it does not really go anywhere but how deep do you scroll on a page? most people see the top posts and move on.

Put Your Message In A Modem And Throw It In The Cyber Sea – NP

Another problem is how the page is set up. The Tax Referendum page is a prime example. When you set it up you have the option of private or public setting, there are advantages and drawbacks to both. But when there is no share button, it is private and you cant cut and paste. With a public page, you can. Post your comment here and you can share it but also people who do not use Facebook will see it and they can email it or share it on social media platforms.

But here, once approved, your post stays on our site on a page that you can link to. Here it is searchable, you can post links in social media. Here your comments have a lasting impression. It is like the old letters to the editor in the newspaper, but you can reach a much wider audience. In fact, you can post links to your social media and build a following and if you are good at it, set up your own blog site.

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