email template listing instructions

This email is the cut and paste email template, grab it from a live page here:

The email template should be sent from a Utah 2020 …….. email address. If you forward completed form emails back to me i will send out the emails, see instructions below.


Your page on our site is :

(cut and paste link here)

Thanks for your response. We are almost ready to fully launch the Utah2020Project site and we are ready for your biographical and any other information you would like to include such as your political philosophy, issues of special interest, etc.

You can include one photo and we ask you to keep your total contribution to no more than 600 total words which is the size of the average op-ed. We also recommend that you mention the office you are running for and your name 2 times in the text since this will help with search engines finding your page on our site. Also, include your contact info.

We can link to your website but we cannot embed any code. In addition, we cannot support video or donation buttons. We will not modify your text in any way, so you are responsible for what is there. Once it is online we will send you the link and you can share it. Please respond to this email with the text in the email and one picture attached.

We have added social media links so people who are interested in voting for you can share the info on social media. Be sure to include the link in the information that you send to your potential voters.


How to do a listing:

from the site, 2020 election = other races, 2020 elections = state house and senate, 2020 Governor = governor, 2020 US= US elections

Click on the page you need, for example, click edit under Utah house to add a name under the district that the candidate is running for. To do that click on the district number, that will activate the box, after the number hit enter. That will bring up a “start writing or type / to choose a block”, enter the candidate’s name here.

Under pages right click on add new and open it in a new tab. On the new tab enter the candidate’s info, enter the district/ office and name in the “add title” box and hit enter. everything on this page can be cut and paste. when finished click publishes and publish again. when the box pops up at the bottom of the screen, click on the view page verify that everything is correct on the page. highlight and copy the address in the address bar.

Now go back to the page that you added the candidate’s name highlight the name. In that box at the top, you will see some icons. From the right, 3 dots, down arrow, and then a chain link. Click on the chain link, that will bring up a box it will say “search or type URL”, paste the address you copied here click the return arrow. Now the name should be blue if only some of the name is blue repeat the steps.

Now forward the form email back to and paste the address in the body of the email.